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Fastest shipping I've ever experienced from an e-cig site (ship from and HQ in Hawaii), amazing customer service, and a very helpful group of people in their forum. Great tasty e-liquid which are all made 100% in the US (come in 15 and 30 mL bottles). I prefer the Inferno e-cig with both the tank and dripping method, for the most vape and flavor. Also, I love the sweet e-liquids, so I recommend cotton candy and Wakiki watermelon. There is lots of e-liquids to choose from, ranging from tobacco to menthol. 
(Link to the site below) 

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes.


HaloCigs offer great starter kits, including: the G6 and the Element. The G6 uses cartomizers, while the Element offers cartomizers as well as cartridges. All e-liquid is 100% American made, with only FEMA GRAS/USP ingredients. A few e-liquid's available are shown below, there are many more. You can get 5mL for $5, or 30mL for $15 extra. 
One option that you don't see very often, is the Halo sample pack. You get seven(7) 5mL bottles of e-liquid to try, before you invest into a 30mL. In total, you get 35mL for 24.99. The flavors include:

 -5ml Freedom Juice
- 5ml Torque 56
- 5ml Prime 15
- 5ml Tribeca
- 5ml Tiki Juice
- 5ml Menthol Ice
- 5ml Malibu Menthol

(Link to the site below)

Why American Made Smoke Juice?

Malibu Menthol E-Liquid

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